EF - 询问航班信息


A:Are you going somewhere?
B:Joan called last night , around 3 o’clock

A:In the morning?
B:Yeah, I am flying to , uh, Stockholm. There’s a….. She needs help with a client, I packed this morning

A:Stockholm. That is a long trip. Looks like you are in a hurry
B:My flight leaves in three hours, and I haven’t printed my boarding pass , called a taxi or …

A:Tood. Let me help . How about you print your boarding pass. I will call a taix for you . What time is your flight
B:It is 5:15

A:You have plenty of time? What is the airline?
B:It’s ,uh…. Western Airlines. Ieave from ….uh…. the international terminal

A:Okay. Western Airline. No problem. I will call a taxi for you right now