EF - 办理登机


A:Good afternoon, where are you flying today?
B:I’m flying to Stockhom

A:May I see your passport , please?
B:Yes, Here you are. Do you need to see my boarding pass?

A:Uh, no, I dont. Unfortunately, your flight has been delayed. It’s now scheduled to deaprt at 6pm
B:Oh, well. That is not too bad

A:I am sorry for any inconvenience
B:That’s okay

A:Are you checking any bags today?
B:Yes, I have one bag to check and one bag to carry on

A:Have you left your bags unattended at any time?
B:No, I’m always had my bags with me

A:Okay, That ‘s good. Right now you have a middle seat. Would you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?
B:Umm. an aisle seat , please?

A:Okay, Here’s your new boarding pass and your baggage claim

A:Go through security, and your flight to Stockholm will depart from Gate B25. The flight boards at 5:30
B:Gate B25. Okay , Thank you