EF - 告诉他人抵达


A:HI, todd
B:hi, joan

A:Welcome to Stockholm

A:How was your flight?
B:Not bad. but very long. I had to change planes in Phildadephia and London

A:Ouch. That was a long trip. No problem in curstoms or immigration?
B:None at all. I went throught really fast

A:That is good. Now, uh… how are you feeling ? Any jet lag ?
B:Not ,no really. Back home. It’s about 2pm. so I’m okay

A:Good. Because,uh… I have some bad news

A:Unfortunately. our clients moved out meeting up to 9 o’clock tomorrow morning
B:So we have to work tonight?

A:Yeah, I am sorry , Have you eaten yet?
B:I had dinner on the plane . But I’d love to get some coffee

A:There’s a restaurant over there. Come on. I’m buying